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Sunday, June 20, 2010


Sunday, June 20, 2010
So we got some brand new goods for you today. Bubble Club, the creation of West London producer Dan Keeling is sounding like a sure thing. The first of 3 planned releases "Violet Morning Moon" is a beautiful Balearic disco gem. The funky bass, breezy guitar and percolating percussion are about as tight and well orchestrated as you can ask for. This is most certainly not just dance floor fodder, (though the Dr. Dunks remix definitely pumps) this is a song you'll remember for a while and come back to summer after summer. Have a listen and make sure to stick around for the ecstatic finale.

Hit up Bubble Club's Soundcloud or Myspace to hear more including their next EP released on the 17th called Morning Star that's just as brilliant.



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slam said...

it's like a cross between air france and disco city sensation (whatever happened to those guys?).

def. into it.