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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Wednesday, June 23, 2010
youthlessi heard about youthless because zack posted their music video here a while ago for "good hunters." knowing a great thing when i see it, i contacted alex klimovitsky (vox + drums + synth + more) and he's such a great guy that he agreed to an interview with us AND give us a couple of tracks for us to share. in describing their sound, i steal from zack's description, which i couldn't agree with more. you can hear "a bit of hooray for earth and the rapture with a twist of metronomy." to further break it down: they've got that pseudo-grunge guitar and heavy bass going with lo-fi synth that hooray for earth has perfected, vocals and lyrics with the type of personality that those two dudes in the rapture bring to the table, and clever mastering of instruments like metronomy. i love those three bands, so of course i love a band that draws similarities to those three and still remains unique.

(preview in the video below)

(preview in the soundcloud below)

starting with portugal, the two guys in youthless are taking the world by storm. the music video we posted last month is currently #4 on the mtv portugal hitlist. we agree that it's a great fuckin video, but how come it can't beat out the bieber? you can do it guys! along with gearing up to beat out the tween prince and driving a concert around europe, they are zoning out to the beach boys and planning their lo-fi / acoustic covers of classic rock and experimental electro. youthless is two creative guys with dozens of different influences and an output that has a pretty huge range. we can't wait to hear (and see) what's next. here's the interview:

slam: I'm assuming you and Sebastiano met in Three and a Quarter and then continued on with Youthless. That band is more in the ska / dub category. What brought you guys together and to the different electro / rock sound you have busted out with Youthless?

alex (of youthless): Sab and i met in the same class in high school. We were the only two angalfone's in an all Spanish speaking school (I had just moved to Lisbon from NY via madrid and Sab had changed over from an English school a few years earlier) and had a lot of common interests: noise bands, skateboarding, ditching school.

Us and Guillermo, the third memeber of our old band, were all starting to play guitar at the same time so we used to skip class together and jam and that's how our first band started. Old Jamaican dub and 2-tone brit ska were big influences in our old band but we've always played loads of different stuff and have been in all kinds of different noisey projects together.

Youthless came about as a fluke, I wanted to learn to play drums so we decided to start a two person Black Sabbath cover band just to mess around.. that idea really only lasted 20 mins cause we immediately started making up tunes. I think the electro thing was a joint result of my upstairs dj neighbors feeding us minimal techno day and night for a whole year and the fact that i could only play 2 types of beats and sing at the same time when we first started. That and the effect that the monster two amp bass sound that Sab came up with had on the way we played.

slam: It seems like a lot of good music is coming out of Portugal; you guys and the Disco Texas Label to a name a few. Any bands from around there that you'd like to do a show with or that you're excited about?

alex: There is a lot of cool stuff going on in Portugal right now. PAUS is a band that we're close with and really love. They're on the same Portuguese label/booking as us, Enchufada, who also do Buraka Som Systema, Octa Push and Macacos do Chines, all fantastic groups. Batida is another local project that we're really fond of.. all definitely worth checking out!

Youthless - Good Hunters (on Vimeo, so what if we posted this before?)

slam: (I'll get on it!) I found out about you guys through one of our other contributors who featured the video for "Good Hunters" and it's been on repeat since. I was just watching the video again - it looks like you don't just sing and drum at the same time, but you also play the keyboard. Pretty rad. Other than that sax player in The Rapture (and bands like !!!), I haven't seen multi-tasking on that level in a while. Is this something you do in your live shows too?

alex: Yeah... there are a few tunes on which i play drums and keys at the same time. we also sometimes have people sit in on keyboards during some live shows (Shela from PAUS and Helena Fagundes from Las Dirces have played with us a bunch so far). we keep trying to come up with new ways to keep the songs interesting as a two man band so Sab does a bunch of juggling between his foot pedals on both amps he uses too.

slam: Sounds like an intense live show. Can't wait to see it when you guys come to the US. Any touring plans?

alex: yeah, live shows are super fun and always different. Sometimes they're really focused, musical and beautiful, but sometimes hectic, drunk and mainly about jumping off of high things onto the crowd. We've had a few offers to play in NY but we'd really need to get a whole bunch of shows to pay for our trips over, etc. and we still don't have any type of representation outside Portugal (label/distributor/booking/etc) so we're still waiting for the right opportunity to break out of "the little country." A lot of my friends have really great bands in BKNY right now and we'd love to come over and open for them but UK is a little more within our grasp at the moment.

slam: (Backtracking a bit) One thing I really like about the video is how it's basically a traveling party in a VW bus. What brought you to the idea for the video and would you consider Youthless a traveling party?

alex: The idea was Marco Espirito Santo, a good friend of ours who directed the video. We needed something we could do for free and we wanted something fun and relaxed that we could include our friends in, so it was perfect.

Youthless is just Sab and I, so the type of band we are has a lot to do with the mood we are in at the time. It also can have a lot to do with the type of entourage we have with us. We have a lot of really great friends who've known us since we're kids and travel with us to shows just for the adventure. Sometimes things get pretty rowdy with all of them around... which can be a lot of fun, or trouble (which is fun). But often Sab and I are more of a "chill and stare at the ocean" or "veg out and listen to the beach boys" type of band more than a party band.

slam: I'm loving your acoustic and minimalist electro tracks / covers. They are like lo-fi heaven. What made you guys start doing this series and what are your plans for it?

Golden age by YOUTHLESS (SoundCloud)

alex: the idea came about because Sab and I sometimes carry around our acoustic guitars to mess around before shows while we're waiting for other bands to soundcheck, so we were figuring out a bunch of cool covers and i asked a very awesome radio DJ friend of ours, Henrique Amarro, if he would like us to perform some of them on the radio. He liked the idea so much he asked us to do a whole week. He turned it into a show he calls "Jukebox" and now he invites well known Portuguese artists to come do covers of some of their favorite tunes and talk about them a bit (we didnt put up our talking bits on soundcloud cause its all in portuguese). we're actually going to put out all the covers on our first Youthless mixtape... probably through Enchufada's website (it will be a free download... check our facebook page and myspace for the link in a few weeks) and we might do another round of covers heavily featuring the Beach Boys' Pet Sounds album, Sam Cooke, Al Green and maybe even some Black Sabbath.

slam: When can we expect another EP or even a full-length?

alex: Recording wise, we're simultaneously preparing an LP an EP and a mixtape right now, we're just not exactly sure how we're going to release it all yet.. but we should have something new out relatively soon.

make sure you follow youthless on facebook, and listen to all of their music which they've generously put up on their soundcloud.

we've been around for 1 year now. pretty exciting!

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EIMICi saw everything is made in china's music video for "sleepwalking" a while ago, but just got a memory refresh when it was posted on antville. EIMIC is from russia and plays music that blends shoegaze with folk-indie, sometimes some grunge sounds, and something erlend oye might have had his hands in (think kings of convenience, not whitest boy alive). lots of reverb, synth and electric guitar. if you click on the soundcloud link (below), you can preview their "automatic movements" lp in its entirety before you buy it. that's pretty cool of them.

Sleepwalking by eimic (on SoundCloud)

the video is really simple, but excellently executed and real entertaining. it's like one of those books where you can choose different portions of different people's faces to make other faces except it's a video and it's way more interesting (no offense, norman messenger). the director, modestnikov, has directed two different videos fro EIMIC that both focus on visuals and amazing editing. it makes you rethink what's possible with editing a lower budget video. extremely creative and very fucking cool. even cooler: they incorporate some of these visuals into their live shows and it looks like its the same director, good call. something definitely not to be missed. hopefully they'll be doing something stateside in the near future!

Sleepwalking from modestnikov (on Vimeo).

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Tuesday, June 22, 2010
moneypenny chicagomoneypenny just released their new website and it looks pretty nice. they got a sexy web design makeover with new promo shots too. definitely hip + with it.

with the release of their new website, they've decided to give out their track "cool & the gang" for free. the track is like america's answer to yelle, but it's 2010 now and it sounds like calvin harris helped out with the production; all of those r&b, house and trance sounds fit perfectly into a really nice track.

the chicago duo is working hard on their debut EP, a new record label called "loose change recordings," and their live show.

06.25.10 - Chicago, IL - Beauty Bar (Spandexxx monthly residency with Acid Washed | Paris, FR) DJ set
06.26.10 - New York, NY - Milk Studios (The Creators Project w/ Interpol, Mark Ronson, The Rapture and more) DJ set. homebase, baby, looks like a solid show!
07.10.10 - Chicago, IL - Beauty Bar (Spandexxx monthly residency w/ Class Actress) DJ set
07.31.10 - Chicago, IL - Wicker Park Fest (Loose Change launch event w/ LA Riots, Hollywood Holt, and more)

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Monday, June 21, 2010


Monday, June 21, 2010

"The Music Scene" (Vimeo)

You got to watch this video - its super spectacular. The animation is solid, colorful, a bit mind-boggling and its synchronized to the music across the board. My hat goes off to the animator, A.F. Schepperd.

The music is by Blockhead, a busy producer. He has some solo work, but is most known for his work with Aesop Rock. He produced 9 tracks from the critically acclaimed album Labor Days, and has worked on a total of 8 releases from Aesop Rock. You can download a megamix of his album, The Music Scene, from the record labels website. I'm listening to it right now and its awesome.


Sunday, June 20, 2010


Sunday, June 20, 2010
So we got some brand new goods for you today. Bubble Club, the creation of West London producer Dan Keeling is sounding like a sure thing. The first of 3 planned releases "Violet Morning Moon" is a beautiful Balearic disco gem. The funky bass, breezy guitar and percolating percussion are about as tight and well orchestrated as you can ask for. This is most certainly not just dance floor fodder, (though the Dr. Dunks remix definitely pumps) this is a song you'll remember for a while and come back to summer after summer. Have a listen and make sure to stick around for the ecstatic finale.

Hit up Bubble Club's Soundcloud or Myspace to hear more including their next EP released on the 17th called Morning Star that's just as brilliant.


Saturday, June 19, 2010


Saturday, June 19, 2010
broken bells
how did i miss this?!? this side project duo has been around for almost a year and i didn't find out about them until today. what an embarrassment. i guess that happens when you never listen to the radio or read pitchfork. oops! broken bells is the project of producer danger mouse and the shin's james mercer. it's exactly what you'd expect from such a combination: greatness. in terms of production, you can expect some similarities to the gorillaz and danger mouse's other projects, but it's all twisted up with an indie + classic rock / oldies feel. the single "the ghost inside," which you can preview or watch the video for below, sounds most eerily familiar to me (listen to that bass and the percussive elements and see if it rings any bells). i'm loving it and you probably will too (if you aren't way ahead of me already).

they just released their debut self-titled lp this past march and you can grab the whole thing right here.

Broken Bells - The Ghost Inside (no download available, stream available from Rock The House)

the video stars christina hendricks (of mad men fame) and includes an appearance by mercer + danger mouse. the video is pretty cool - about a robot's dreams of going to a beautiful resort, and in order to get there, she has to sell off parts of her body. she must be a robot, right? it's a pretty rad video: great effects, directing, cinematography and acting.

Broken Bells - The Ghost Inside on Vimeo


Friday, June 18, 2010


Friday, June 18, 2010
!!! AM/FM
after a while without any news of a !!! release, i was starting to get antsy. biting my fingers off sort of thing. boom boom boom / pow pow pow / chk chk chk are always touring all over the world, but their website and myspace hadn't really changed since myth takes came out in 2007. well, prepare for the future...

they're offering a free download of their new track "am/fm" right here and you can preview it below thanks to warp. you can expect a development of their usual sound; a hybrid of post-disco, dance-punk and electronica with the sexiest of vocals (think r&b). from the now 14 year old band, the new single goes back to their routes, but with better production values. makes me think of out hud and !!!'s self-titled lp, but they're definitely shifting their sound. the track is simultaneously environmental and funky; experimental and kick-ass. my little macbook speakers can't do this song any justice, can't wait to play it on my speakers when i get home.

their new lp, "strange weather, isn't it?" is coming out august 24th 2010 (USA). that's pretty soon. very very exciting news. you can already pre-order it right here.

if you aren't a fan already, here's !!! on facebook.


Thursday, June 17, 2010


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Breakbot - Baby I'm Yours (feat. Irfane) (Vimeo)

So as you may know - we've featured Breakbot a few times here and with good reason! He's another long-haired Frenchman signed to Ed Banger, but his music is smooth... real smooth. To accompany his track, "Baby I'm Yours ft IRFANE", this video was released last week. Made up of about 2000 watercolor painted images, it's a solid bit of eye-candy. Enjoy.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Wednesday, June 16, 2010
rockets club monsieur
god damn, i fuckin love disco texas. here's another track from rockets: it's got the funk-disco guitar, the smoothest of bass lines and some solid beat mashing. this is a 5-course electronic meal. builds are perfectly spread out, not too far apart and not too long either. "club monsieur" makes you feel like you're getting down with chic in a futuristic discothèque. the song has 16th notes on the hi-hat and are those occasional claps i hear? it's got the slow up on the high-eq to a creative bass line that's almost always present, but shifts around throughout the entirety keeping you thinking. at about 3:00 a synth comes in before the final breakdown. this is a house track that has all the elements you're looking for. this is inspiration.

you can preview AND download the track below. high generosity from portugal.

Club Monsieur by rockets (on SoundCloud)

make sure you pay attention to rockets on facebook.



bad veins outliers ep
first off, apologies for being out of it for a week. i went to get a little vaca action.

if you've been following us since early 2010, you'd know that we featured bad veins back in january. it was one of our first non-electronica posts that has since kept us posting indie music. they just released a new ep yesterday, "outliers" which you can grab on itunes right here. in similar fashion as bad vein's debut lp, outliers is creative, experimental and original. it's got orchestra instrumentation, electronic percussion, filtered vocals, melancholy lyrics, overdrive'd guitars, backing choirs, piano that will carry you for days, and muted horns. the song "blanket" sounds like bad veins grabbed some southern americana inspiration (in a good way). what i've liked most about bad veins is musically, not just lyrically, every song tells a story and what they've done with the outliers ep is no different. also, i love the cover graphic design.

they're also offering an additional free download from their self titled lp. the track comes in with some high-eq'd percussion that sounds like something from a 90s casio keyboard, then it jumps into serious rock and roll where the bridge between verses is led by a guitar riff that'll knock your socks off. the chorus has some serious beeping synth over the vocals and eventually, you'll be taken to the breakdown where strings come in, there's a build up, and everything comes back together. just what the doctor ordered this morning. in comparison to the other tracks we've posted from bad veins, it is a bit heavier and more up tempo.

you can buy the full lp (which we've reviewed before) here.

if that isn't enough for you, they're also touring throughout the summer with the dig, kevin devine and thrice.

June 15 2010 @ Phoenix Concert Theatre - Toronto, ON
June 16 2010 @ Le National - Montreal, QC
June 17 2010 @ House of Blues - Boston, MA
June 18 2010 @ Toad’s Place - New Haven, CT
June 19 2010 @ Chameleon Club - Lancaster, PA
June 21 2010 @ Northern Lights - Clifton Park, NY
June 22 2010 @ Crocodile Rock - Allentown, PA
June 23 2010 @ Trocadero Theatre - Philadelphia, PA
June 24 2010 @ The Fillmore - New York, NY
June 25 2010 @ Starland Ballroom - Sayreville, NJ
June 26 2010 @ Recher Theatre - Towson, MD
June 28 2010 @ The NorVa - Norfolk, VA
June 29 2010 @ Cat’s Cradle - Carrboro, NC
June 30 2010 @ The Music Farm - Charleston, SC
July 01 2010 @ House Of Blues - Lake Buena Vista, FL
July 02 2010 @ Revolution - Ft Lauderdale, FL
July 03 2010 @ State Theater - St. Petersburg, FL
July 06 2010 @ Warehouse Live - Houston, TX
July 07 2010 @ Emo’s - Austin, TX
July 08 2010 @ The Palladium Ballroom - Dallas, TX
July 09 2010 @ Cain’s Ballroom - Tulsa, OK
July 10 2010 @ Midland Ballroom - Kansas City, MO
July 11 2010 @ Ogden Theatre - Denver, CO
July 13 2010 @ In The Venue - Salt Lake City, UT
July 15 2010 @ Marquee - Tempe, AZ
July 16 2010 @ House Of Blues - San Diego, CA
July 17 2010 @ Fox Theater - Pomona, CA
July 18 2010 @ House of Blues - Las Vegas, NV
July 20 2010 @ Club Congress - Tucson, AZ (Bad Veins only)
July 21 2010 @ Corazon - Santa Fe, NM (Bad Veins only)

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Wednesday, June 9, 2010
can you believe it's been since april since we covered lifelike? right now, he's gearing up for the release of his love emulator ep off of the young french label computer science.

this guy is one of the few that never puts out anything that i am disappointed in. his work is always great, always smooth. the bass line makes you want to relax and to party - musically, it's hard to do both. it all comes from r&b and funk. even alan braxe and fred falke's intro (one of the best french house tracks of all time) isn't good to put on as "chill" music. somehow, however, lifelike has managed to become a master at the combo. it's electro french-touch / feel-good at it's best. his work is one of the reasons i wish that i could read french, so i could learn just a little more.

lifelike's music is all over the place, and he has created quite a following by releasing excellent remixes one after the other. starting with that beautiful original track "so electric," i've never looked back. he got us hooked - and now that we have to wait for this ep before we can listen to it on our ipods or whatever, it's killing us, slowly - me, anyway, for sure. as soon as the digital release comes out in the US, it'll be on my credit card (like everything else these days). this guy is a fuckin pro.

all of these songs are gems. perfect for the beginning of summer! my personal fave of the three below is "silicon love." grab the whole ep digitally on june 14th off of the computer science page (linked above). it will also be available on itunes, beatport, etc by mid july. i would definitely buy the ep in its entirity because it'll be packaged with a bonus track called "bright city nights." this is going to be a good one, mark it down on your calendars and become a fan of lifelike on facebook.

LIFELIKE / YOTA /NAMEBRAND Love Emulator (Club Mix) by LIFELIKE (on SoundCloud)


118. SIDWHO?

After last year's "Vote Bowie For President" found it's way into the sets of such disco royalty as Todd Terje, Tim Sweeney and Prins Thomas we've all been waiting to see what Sidwho? would do next. And here it is, Pay For Love EP out on the Australian Future Classic imprint.

The EP has 3 excellent mixes varying from disco funk to classic acid house sounds. The Jamie Paton edit takes us on a 13 minute long white-hot funk odyssey. The group vocals, chorused bass line and squiggly synth lines add up too one hell of a boogie machine. Daddy like.

On the flip the Azari & Ill Remix cleans up some of the rough edges, throws some tight 909 drums in and pumps the bass for an all around crowd pleaser. My personal favorite though is Jamie Paton's Acid Remix. Here all the funky lines from the original get the attention they deserve leading to a slow burning spaced out acid-fest. With such a wide range of sounds lets hope Sidwho? keeps the goods coming.

Check the streams and be sure to pick up the EP on Juno or Beatport!

Be sure to hit up Sidwho? on myspace.


Monday, June 7, 2010


Monday, June 7, 2010


Slow motion relay race through the subways of Paris? Yes please! I can't really find much on this Knuckles guy besides the fact that he is now going by the name Sovnger. And apparently (according to his myspace...) DJs such as Diplo, Breakbot, Etienne de Crecy, and Alex Gopher play his stuff in their sets. He also has a mixtape on soundcloud and posts a new one each month.

And definitely check out the director, Paul Bryan. He has a solid collection of work including same great photographs of people.



the naked and famous
oh man oh man oh man. i barely need to say anything at all.

just listen to "young blood" by the new zealand band, the naked and famous, and then buy it for a dollar. it's incredibly worth it.

this track is summer at it's best (even though it's cold in new zealand right now). it's fucking perfect. i loooovvvee it.

also: check out the music video for the song at the bottom of this post.

The Naked And Famous - Young Blood (on Vimeo)

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Sunday, June 6, 2010


Sunday, June 6, 2010
space life
i love when i hear good music from bands that started in boston - passion pit, hooray for earth, yes giantess to name a few.

yesterday a friend of mine sent me an email about the boston based duo dubbed space life. they are chris and jeff, they've been friends since high school, and only started their collaboration four months ago. they work well together because they share a lot of interests and take their influences from the same genres (70s funk + disco).

their music grabbed and is still holding my attention. it makes sense because they are one of the freshest electronic groups around - as in they're rolling out AND yo that's fresh. the trouble with electronic music is that it's very easy for artists to pigeon hole themselves into a single style that they can't get out of it. like surkin or dj mehdi, space life doesn't make predictable choices with their music. it's all over the place.

Voyager III (on SoundCloud) you can download it! AND they're working on a music video for this track.

if you head over to look at the rest of their soundcloud and do a quick browse through all of their tracks, you'll learn that they have a real tight musical aesthetic and that they're very versatile. a lot of rick james + prince synth and guitar, but also a lot of french touch similarities. they use EQ'd out samples like classic french house: think alan braxe & fred falke, knightlife, or louis la roche. they also like to key the low-end and high-end and slowly bring it in (or out), it's one of the simplest things that happens in electronica - but they have it down perfectly and are creative about when (and how) they use it. check their remix of empire of the sun's "walking on a dream." out of what feels like hundreds of remixes of that track out there, space life's is one of the more original. in terms of the bass line, space life generally uses that funk-electro sound that you'd find with artists on ed banger - think a hybrid between justice and breakbot. sometimes you'll also hear that metal / electro style guitar that MSTRKRFT really popularized. if you listen to their remix of mj's "rock with you," you'll remember that jt really, really, wants to be the next michael. i like both of those guys, but yeah the correlation is a little crazy. the remix sounds like if pedro winter and jt's producers worked together on "off the wall." this is a very good thing.

what stands out most about space life is that if you listen to the first 30 seconds of a track, it doesn't mean that you can assume what the rest of it sounds like; you won't expect the obvious.

SPACE LIFE - Anatomy (Feat. MSF) (on SoundCloud) no download available. sorry!

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Friday, June 4, 2010


Friday, June 4, 2010
neon indian

if you haven't heard of neon indian yet, you're really missing out. we first heard of alan paloma (neon indian is one of his projects) when he was a part of ghosthustler (remember "someone else's ride?) that song is fuckin' amazing. we blasted that at parties all the time in 2008. grab it for free off of missingtoof right here.

we were all waiting for ghosthustler to EXPLODE, but the band broke up and alan went on to produce music as VEGA, which is in much of the similar vein as ghosthustler. where he's been most successful is with his work as neon indian - which definitely carries some of the same electro sounds, but it's engineered in a sleep lab with hallucinogens and a dreamy-psychedelic induced future dropped right on top. since his appropriately titled psychic chasms ep release last april (and the lp in the fall), we've been stoked about what's to come next.

this isn't a new track, but it's being offerred for free right now and is a great introduction if you haven't listened to him yet. download Neon Indian - Sleep Paralysist on green label sound (mountain dew). look on the right side of the page and then drink some yellow / green soda. also: check out the video for the same song below - it's prettttttty dope.

Neon Indian - "Sleep Paralysist" Video Directed by Focus Creeps (Vimeo)

very happy it's friday.


Thursday, June 3, 2010


Thursday, June 3, 2010

i love being subscribed to mailing lists. it's a huge part of bands marketing to have these lists and facebook groups and twitter and so on and so forth. up until a few years ago i was hesitant to join these lists because i believed that they'd be primarily junk mail, or that they'd sell my email address or whatever. some companies still do that - but i would say that musician's mailing lists are safe and really only reward the fanbase for joining. they grab your email or you become a fan on facebook and you get stuff like free tracks, mixtapes and discounted tickets. point being: signing up is the best choice.

hey champ is one of the better bands to subscribe to or follow on facebook because they give away free tracks and great house mix tapes. their jet set tape is one of the better house mixes i've heard in a while and the tracklist is great. it's also a legit dj set, all the tracks are remixes by hey champ. you're going to hear samples of the beastie boys and the gap band and that'll take you into yeasayer and t-pain... mmmmm it's 56 minutes of delicatessen. one of the best perks is that the tracks are split up! just make sure to think before you listen and set that shit up for gapless playback. i'm serious.

Hey Champ - Jet Set Mixtape (click the link, after you become a fan on facebook you get a .zip)

1. Hey Champ DJs - In The White City
2. Prairie Cartel - Cracktown (Hey Champ RMX)
3. Hey Champ DJs - Strobe
4. Ying Yang Twins - Drop (Hey Champ RMX featuring DJ White Shadow)
5. Hey Champ DJs - The Way You Feel
6. The Empires - Howl (Hey Champ RMX featuring DJ White Shadow)
7. Hey Champ DJs - Metropolis
8. Hey Champ DJs - Early Sensation
9. Yeasayer - Sunrise (Hey Champ Remix)
10. T-Pain (ft. Lil Wayne) - I Can't Believe It (Hey Champ RMX feat. DJ White Shadow)
11. Hey Champ DJs - Shibuya
12. Hey Champ DJs - Fallujah
13. Hey Champ - Cold Dust Girl (80Kidz Remix)

those of you in NYC + BK are lucky because hey champ will be doing a set tonight, june 3rd, with shy child (!!!!!) in the studio at webster hall (tickets) and tomorrow, june 4th, at the bell house (tickets). do it to it!


Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Birdy Nam Nam - Abbesses (Youtube)

If you like The Avalanches or Kid Koala or DJ Shadow - you will like Birdy Nam Nam. They are four DJs from France and MASTER turntablists. If you can get your hands on their self-titled album - do it!


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

111. CEO

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

from our favorite australian label (duh) comes ceo, the new project of the tough alliance's eric burgland. i love the new name.

coming out on june 29 in the US is ceo's debut release "white magic." i am stoked for it!

if you like bands like air france, the similou / plej or delorean you'll love ceo.

preorder the album right here.

also make sure you check out the music video, directed by marcus soderlund:

ceo - come with me on Vimeo.