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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Wednesday, June 23, 2010
EIMICi saw everything is made in china's music video for "sleepwalking" a while ago, but just got a memory refresh when it was posted on antville. EIMIC is from russia and plays music that blends shoegaze with folk-indie, sometimes some grunge sounds, and something erlend oye might have had his hands in (think kings of convenience, not whitest boy alive). lots of reverb, synth and electric guitar. if you click on the soundcloud link (below), you can preview their "automatic movements" lp in its entirety before you buy it. that's pretty cool of them.

Sleepwalking by eimic (on SoundCloud)

the video is really simple, but excellently executed and real entertaining. it's like one of those books where you can choose different portions of different people's faces to make other faces except it's a video and it's way more interesting (no offense, norman messenger). the director, modestnikov, has directed two different videos fro EIMIC that both focus on visuals and amazing editing. it makes you rethink what's possible with editing a lower budget video. extremely creative and very fucking cool. even cooler: they incorporate some of these visuals into their live shows and it looks like its the same director, good call. something definitely not to be missed. hopefully they'll be doing something stateside in the near future!

Sleepwalking from modestnikov (on Vimeo).

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