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Saturday, August 29, 2009


Saturday, August 29, 2009

young punx music video for "mashitup" - welcome to the club where some of the people have animal heads! they have some other sweet videos too. check it out!

the young punx is a electronic music collective from the uk that's really all up in that scene right now - with a collective of musicians, there's obviously a huge range of style - french house, drum & bass, electro, nudisco etc etc. they released their debut album back in summer 07 called "your music is killing me" (buy it on itunes)! their myspace says they have plans to release a follow up sometime in 09. look out for it!

The Young Punx - Never Die
"fashions go, but disco will never die." song is very different from music in the video above - this is more like french house & nudisco with a little electro in the mix.


i've been really heavy into french house a little EXTRA these last few days. patrick alavi plays some french house, so naturally, i've checked out some of his tracks. alavi has worked with many of the best djs, producers and house musicians in the world - some being the french label vertigo/ vox (unbelievable, led by daft punk?) kris menace's label work it baby, and pedro winter (busy p). i couldn't find any other tracks or any info on basstard slayerz - it looks likes this was a one time collaboration. i got this track and much of this info from ilictronix. so big thanks to them!

this house track is all about the up tempo bass-line:
Patrick Alavi Pres. Basstard Slayerz - Goldbass

check out this post about alavi from one of the best sources of house, solid goldberger!

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Thursday, August 27, 2009

from texas, werewolf mask plays, self-described and appropriately titled "nintendo dance pop." werewolf mask, versatile in his creations under the full moon, rises to use dark synth, atmospheric samples and night beats with that cartridge sound that, in combination, belong on the soundtrack to your life. he also throws down some dreamy 8-bit that makes you want to dance and flick a light switch over and over because you want to dance with something and, hey, that switch moves back and forth and so do you! werewolf says his "intent is to turn a space from static to frantic, to fill the air with humidity of densely clustered people breathing and sweating." so, stop dancing by yourself, invite some people over and turn up, ladies and gentlemen, the ghost dancer ep:

Werewolf Mask - Firecrackers

Werewolf Mask - Rocking in Circles

Werewolf Mask - First Rain In Forever

Werewolf Mask - Bad Hair Day

head over to werewolf's myspace (linked above) and give him some woo!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

i first heard phonat when he worked with super mal on the track pixelated, a smooth AND party ready house track that'll knock your socks right off, but keep your dancing shoes on. he has been busting out some serious tracks for a while now - remixes for the young punx and trafik and some hot original tracks too (check out "ghetto burnin" and "learn to recycle"). phonat is a sexy blend between classic french house and that harder industrial electro that's got everyone flipping out. his recent ep "set me free" is a delicious appetizer for his upcoming self titled lp, due out 9/28. the ep doesn't screw around by offering remixes from louis la roche (another UK favorite!!), avicii, and high rankin. phonat's original is by the far the winner on the ep, but the remixes are solid. check it:

tracks below are 192kbps, buy the 320's and check out the other remixes on beatport!

Phonat - Set Me Free Extended Mix
be careful of those drops!

Phonat - Set Me Free (Louis La Roche Remix)
just as house as you'd expect from la roche but with some nice grinds!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

tots & hootch is a duo from virginia (seth glennie-smith and ted day). they set out to create beats that will make you feel like you're "delivering a package" in a movie about zombies with neon track jackets on. raspy schizo melodies with hard-to-ignore bass and drum lines.

ep's estimated release is around xmas 2009. i'll keep you posted.

Tots & Hootch - Smack Train Pt. 1
while partying down, turn the low end all the way up.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Sunday, August 23, 2009

one of the seven wonders of the world, cut copy's tracks from before bright like neon love, just got posted on nonacíenmanchester. tracks are from one of their first ep releases "i thought of numbers" (2001). this was when cut copy sounded way way different but still way sick. i had two of these tracks already: "rendevous" and "drop the bomb" because they were once, long ago, on cut copy's myspace and i audio hijacked them, but "standing up sitting down" is new to me. check it.

Cut Copy - Rendezvous (via NNM)
an old favorite! very similar to their track "stars." i might put that up for everybody at a later date, because it's really rad. lots of high snare that sounds like clapping, you know the drill.

Cut Copy - Standing Up Sitting Down (via NNM)
i think this samples da funk, it's real dope though

also: i am desperately looking for their first track "1981" (not to be confused with twilight) and have been looking for it forever. i strongly recommend checking out the music video. there are a couple of mp3 versions out there, but the audio quality is pretty bad. if anyone know the whereabouts of a good version please hit me up!

also big thanks to NNM! great post!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

here are aeroplane's mix charts for july & august 2009. as always great stuff from aeroplane (♥). these mixes will definitely keep you entertained for at least a few hours.

Aeroplane Mix Chart July 2009 (via Space Dust)
the two fred falke tracks in here are really tight - get that shit off of hypem!
incorrectly tagged as the august mix - make the change!
01.Siriusmo - High Together
02.Lindström - The Magnificient
03.Zepp001 - Don't Sleep
04.Chamboché - Feverish ( The Revenge Remix )
05.Faze Action - I Wanna Dancer ( Disco, Rock, Dub Mix )
06.Killa Kela - Everyday ( Lalory remix )
07.Freeland - Borderline ( Grum Remix )
08.Fred Falke - Chicago (Extended Mix )
09.Makossa Megablast - Juno
10.Rythm Droid - Sunrise on Planet Tokyo
11.Reggie Dokes - Chicago Pimp
12.Headman - Dirt ( The C90's Remix )
13.Mika - We Are Golden ( Don Diablo Dub Remix )

Aeroplane Mix Chart August 2009 (download at bottom, streaming via Aeroplane's Myspace & SoundCloud*)

01.Canyons - Dancing On Silk
02.Metronomy - Do The Right Thing (Wild Cheese Remix)
03.The Units - High Pressure Days (Rory Phillips Remix)
04.LCD Soundsystem - 45:33 (Prins Thomas Remix)
05.Wax Stag - And How (Bottin's Discoursive Diversion)
06.John Rocca - I Want It To Be Real (Farley's Hot House Piano Mix)
07.Atsushi Yano - Organ Grinder
08.Still Going - Spaghetti Circus
09.Riton & Primary One - Who's There (In Flagranti Remix)
10.Erol Alkan & Boys Noize - Waves

*SoundCloud is a great way to share and discuss music, but it looks like artists are beginning to use it for streaming purposes only, which is absolutely fine if the track is available for $$$ (or free) elsewhere, but drives me cray-cray when the track (or mix) is no where to be found.

if anyone finds the aeroplane august mix for download and/or tesla boy's remix of "nightdrive with you" please let me know. they are in high demand over here. big time.

UPDATE 8/24: Just found the Aeroplane Mix Chart August 2009 via Gosh Damn DJS! Thank you GDD!

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Saturday, August 15, 2009

sure this is old news, but i just finally got some new tracks. the similou are some other swedes that i absolutely adore. unbelievable synth work from their first album "so hot right now" - an album that i've been listening to over and over again since its US release. and it is SOOO hot. their myspace hasn't been updated for way too long and there isn't any news of future releases - but i was just informed (thanks to DDVNOW!) that the similou is actually a side project of plej's erik niklasson. plej is often like really effin' hip lounge music. they use organs, muted horns, smooth beats, and are some times reminiscent of some smoother etienne de crecy tracks. not just lounger & chill-out, they seem super versatile. "freaks" sounds like indie - mallets and everything! in other tracks, you can hear that similou hotness like this rick james cover (give it to me baby).

The Similou - Weather Girl (via formerly Ohh! Crapp, now nightmagnets)

Plej - Freaks (via Obscure Sound)

buy the similou's so hot right now (HIGH REC!!!)
buy plej's
home is where your heart was (HIGH REC!!!)

Monday, August 10, 2009


Monday, August 10, 2009

look at these guys. fine young cannibals + scissor sisters + swedes = fibes, oh fibes! i don't really speak swedish, but it looks like their third album "1987" will be coming out on september 2nd somewhere in the world. pre-order.

i'm going to oregon early tomorrow morning so there will be minimum posts here for a week or so. throw me some recommendations.

Fibes, Oh Fibes - Love Child (via Metaphor)
check out the music video (quicktime, right click to download)

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Sunday, August 9, 2009

some of my favorite russians, tesla boy, released a mix for a valerie (♥) a few weeks ago that's really excellent. it's got some remixes and original tracks in there you can't find anywhere else. great spread of tracks, wham! anoraak, casio social club and some tesla tracks, of course. big time bangin and big time SMOOTH. PS above is my janky crop and edit of their graphic design for this blog. check out their myspace because the GD is sickkkkk.

Tesla Boy - Tesla Boy Mixtape #1 (mixed by Dj Antonionni) (via Valerie)

Casco Pres Bwh - Stop (Original Mix)
Omni - Body Groove (Club Mix)
Lindstrom - Another Station (Todd Terje remix)
Tesla Boy - Spirit Of The Night (Bestrack remix)
The Diogenes Club - Sdi
Anoraak - Nightdrive With You (Tesla Boy remix) (HIGH REC)
Wham! - Everything She Wants
Manicure - Atomic Summer (Tesla Boy Dub)
Casio Social Club vs Diogenes Club - She Takes My Breath Away (HIGH REC) ITUNES LINK
Fred Ventura - When I Let You Down Vinyl

Jake Island - What If You Wanted More ft. Joanna Christie (grum remix) (via FRΞNCH ΞXPRΞSS)
grum's work is always top notch. check it out and follow it on hypem.


i don't know anything about zambri other than that they're from new york, are a quintet and are led by two lovely ladies. nick seeley's (aka miádis/ popnick) remix of the single "easier" is like if sexy 90s r&b hung out with out hud (rip!), but had a thing on the side going with revolte. hot shit. check out the music video of the original track.

Zambri - Easier (Miádis Remix)
original is off of the ep bang for changes (love the title). buy it when it comes out!

expect to see more from both zambri AND miádis!

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Saturday, August 8, 2009

i was lucky enough to interview noel heroux, vox and guitarist for hooray for earth, and talk about the past, present and future of the band.

slam: After the release of the Cellphone EP and the re-release of your self-titled, what's next? What kind of direction are you going in?

nh: ok. well, we released that first LP (which is actually from 2005/6) so it would officially just be done and out there - and Cellphone was a collection of random songs that happened shortly after that period. Until this year it had been a long time since I'd truly concentrated on Hooray For Earth music - the record we're putting together now is intentive, instead of a mishmash of ideas puzzle-pieced into a recording. Our good friend Josh Ascalon is co-producing and we're recording almost everything in his studio in Brooklyn. With Connecticut between us it's difficult, but (bassist) Chris and (guitarist) Gary venture down from Boston to throw down tracks, and (drummer) Joe and I grab the bus up there every couple of weeks to get together and play.

I guess the musical direction is just the typical "next step" situation. We haven't recorded anything for almost a couple years, and my outlook has changed dramatically - so I guess the sound will reflect that. I sort of "bubbled" myself for the first three years of the band's existence (during our first record and EP). And all along the band has been extremely supportive in letting me go ahead with a new musical direction.

slam: I always have a hard time explaining HFE's sound; what to compare it to and what kind of genre it fits into. I frequently find myself describing it as: "electronica, anthem, rock" and "effin awesome." I don't know any other artist's that I can use all those terms to describe them. How would you describe the unique sound and where do you find your influences?

nh: Hard to say, I think anyone who cares about their own work will have a hard time not sounding massively pretentious when asked to describe it. Influences are also tough - I could never honestly say "we sound like ___" because it would be wrong. Some of my randomly favorite music is Broadcast, Tricky, The Divine Comedy, Arab Strap, Aphex Twin...make what you will of it. Also once in a while someone says "oohh you must love Nirvana", and I'm like "fuck off of course I do". Then I spend more time casually listening to classical music than anything else. What comes out as Hooray For Earth is beyond me.

slam: I saw that there's a remix of Videostore. What are your thoughts on the remix and reworking culture? Do you have any future plans to do some of that work yourself? I'd love to hear a studio version of your JT cover.

nh: I'm very much into particular electronic/dance music. I've worked closely with DJ Die Young, Baltimoroder and several other DJ's/electronic artists around nyc and Boston, and it's definitely something that will continue. I do lots of various production work myself, but most has been focused around making this album so I haven't had too much free time. I did contribute a fair amount to Zambri's not-yet-released EP Bang For Changes (myspace)- actually Die Young and Baltimoroder have both remixed tracks for them in the past couple months. We are a functional family.

slam: Do you have a name and estimated release date for the new LP? Anything you're psyched about that you can reveal?

nh: No name yet, and definitely no date - all up in the air. I'm definitely excited for the record. We have new video collaborations and art ventures going on with Johnny Woods and our old friend Drew Innis. We'll definitely plan a massive party around the release, one in Boston and one in NYC. We'll keep the internet updated of course.

slam: Is the work in multimedia you're doing with Johnny Woods and Drew Innis going to be a part of HFE shows in the future?

nh: Johnny is working on a live visual setup, we'll have to see how things go but we plan something for the future yes.

slam: I was recently reading about how you used to bring in guitars through an old PC and you kept doing it because you liked the sound. Are you still doing stuff like that?

nh: The PC guitar thing only happens a couple times. All the recording has been through ancient outboard gear, computers only recording the audio, there's barely any processing happening. Mixing is analog too. I'm still using the homemade guitars though. We also tracked some window smashing and vodka induced screaming in the bathroom (for background texture).

slam: What's your favorite BBQ?

nh: I don't usually like animals in my mouth, so "barbecue sauce."

slam: Correction: Anything you like BBQ'd (any grilled veggie action)?

nh: squash

Hooray For Earth - Video Store
off of their Cellphone EP. BUY IT ON ITUNES IMMEDIATELY!

Hooray For Earth - Simple Plan
(via the Boston Phoenix)
off of their self-titled. BUY IT ON ITUNES IMMEDIATELY!

8/12 at The Bell House 7pm / $10
8/20 at Glasslands Gallery
9pm/ TBA

seth (ex-live HFE drummer) and noel's other band dpony is playing next thursday, 8/13, at the enormous room in cambridge. they will be doing a set with dj die young. sounds awesome. go to it!