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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Wednesday, March 31, 2010


This seems to be an incomplete video, but I like it nonetheless. At the end you'll be asking "But what's on the cassette??!!" This video comes to us from Mr Oizo of Ed Banger Records. I go through phases of listening to a lot of Mr Oizo (and many many phases where I don't listen to him). Regardless, I do love his work as a director. Ever seen Steak? I strongly recommend it.

Be on the look out for new work of his. Mr Oizo is coming out with a second feature film named Rubber. The soundtrack will feature Justice. Also, Oizo has also recently announced that he is recording a new album titled "2010."


Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Winslow Porter: "The People, for the Record"

winslow turner porter iii is an up and coming dj based in nyc. not only does he create solid beats, he also does some more experimental djing - some of the cooler stuff i've seen. the sound in "the people, for the record" is like if a hip / hop dj started listening to house + electro and had some excellent production skills to top it off. i'm really into it, basically. here's what he has to say about his live performance (in the video above):

"I am treating my two musicians like records, keeping them in a cool, dry place. Actually, I am cuing, scratching and phasing them with the aid of vinyl control records...My 10 minute performance includes musical themes from the likes of Chopin and Aphex Twin. Each musician is isolated so that they can only hear the beat of the record that is next to them. Meaning that I can control each musician individually. My next goal is mixing entire bands together, each in sound-isolated rooms."

you're lucky for three reasons:

1. you can download a copy of his liveset so you can listen to it any time (there's a little clipping because it's a live recording, but it's still great to listen to).

Winslow Turner Porter III - The People, For The Record

2. you can grab one of his remixes:

Young Jeezy and Slim Thug - Diamonds (DJ Ayres and Winslow remix)

3. he is going to dj april 10th @ knitting factory in brooklyn. tickets HERE. facebook HERE. only $10 to get in ($7 w/ NYU ID). beer + shot special from 12-2am. light show + visuals + disco party!!! i'll be there. will you?

become a fan of WTP III on facebook



Sonar from Renaud Hallée

This video really nails it with sound-synchronized motion graphics. Its one of those videos I watched twice the first time I saw it. Built in Adobe Flash, it's a solid use of basic keyframe animation. Props to Renaud Hallée. Enjoy!


Monday, March 29, 2010


Monday, March 29, 2010

one of our favorite NYC music blogs, forthebeat, is throwing a party this thursday (APRIL 1st, NO JOKE) @ HOME SWEET HOME and they are so awesome that they are having an open svedka bar from 8-9pm. so get to that shit on time (8pm). tickets are only $10 dollaz. RSVP to forthebeat@gmail.com. PS: we will be there.

some rad bands that are playing:
hooray for earth (you know how i feel about these guys)

noel from HFE (who we interviewed over the summer) put together a mini-mix with tracks from all four bands so you can get a feel for what the evening is going to be like.

if are you unfamiliar with these bands let me break it down for you: if you like hot chip or discovery, you'll like sunglasses. indie rock that's for tough guys = coma cinema. you like the music on here? you'll like hooray for earth (i'm serious, they're real fucking good). royal chains = rock + grunge + pop. all good bands. definitely a great line up. i hope to see you there.

//////131 Chrystie Street (between Delancey & Broome)
Lower East Side, NYC\\\\\\\\\


Friday, March 26, 2010

55. NYC WEEKEND 3/27

Friday, March 26, 2010

everybody's getting ready for the weekend. here's some of what's happening in brooklyn and manhattan:

feadz and krazy baldhead are playing at LOVE on saturday 3/27 @ 10pm and it looks like it's FREE if you RSVP (read the instructions!) before 11pm tomorrow. NICE.

miike snow are playing at webster hall on saturday 3/27 @ 7pm. tix. they are also playing this sunday at bowery @ 8pm.

we're going to try to highlight a few events for each weekend that we'd go to if we had the scrilla or the time. any time we're going, oh yeah, you'll know!


Thursday, March 25, 2010


Thursday, March 25, 2010

so i said that i wanted to really emphasize NYC talent. penguin prison is one of the many bands fresh and hot from this glorious city. they're pumping out funky bass driven remixes and their original material sounds kind of like if george michael (in his WHAM days) started doing some contemporary electro pop. basically, i'm really into it. it's fucking great. my favorite track of theirs is on the myspace (linked above) "the worse it gets."

penguin prison also DJs. i'd love to get myself to one of those shows. they're playing in NYC on april 8th and may 8th.

i didn't want to host everything of theirs that's free, but this remix is really good too




Vanishing Point

I enjoy this video tremendously; since I've discovered it, I can't tell you how many times I've watched it. It's a perfect example of sound-synchronized visuals, specifically motion graphics in this case. Created in Adobe After Effects and Cinema 4D, the video is neatly stylized. The shapes and visuals move, morph, pulse and twitch to the music, folding in new material and ideas moment to moment. The music follows a similar stylization.

The creator of the video is Takuya Hosogane. He's part of Bonsajo, a visual performance unit from Japan. Do check out Hosogane's site; he's got other work like this as well as his work as a VJ. The music is by cubesato and Meine Meinung.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Tuesday, March 23, 2010
Massive Attack - Splitting the Atom directed by Edouard Salier

HEY! This post marks the beginning of my contributions to YOUCANTSTOPAH! As a kind of preamble, I want to toss out there HOW I will be contributing to the blog... I fucking love music, its basically a drug to me. And as a visual artist, there's nothing that gets me more excited than a solid connection between music and visuals. So, with that being said, my posts will mostly comprise of music videos, audio-synchronized visuals, as well as the work of VJs and other live performance shit that I find awesome.

Getting down to business, this music video for Splitting the Atom by Massive Attack, comes from artist/designer/director/photographer, Edouard Salier. The video is a great example of visual storytelling, holding your attention by upping the ante bit by bit. The entire video is this single frozen moment, like someone hit a big old pause button. The only thing moving is the camera which flies and swings through this scene, revealing a little more with each turn. By the end, you're asking yourself, "Wait, how did this start again?" Beyond the concept, the video looks amazing with strong aesthetic choices, awesome 3D modeling/rendering, and the camera movement is delightful! Massive Attack seems to always collaborate with the right folks for their videos. Years back, their video for Karmacoma, directed Jonathan Glazer, was among my favorites.

Definitely check out Edouard Salier's Vimeo as well as his website. He's worked with other musicians such as Air and Raphael Saadiq.



jamaica sounds real good. they sound like electro, but they play rock. you can probably put them in the same category as midnight juggernauts or datarock, but jamaica really uses the guitar in a great way that you don't hear in a lot of music of similar genres. they're helping to keep the guitar solo alive and keeping it up tempo! WOOOOOOO.

check out the music video here. it's pretty rad and explains what the band is about. directed by ed banger's So-Me + machine molle.

PS congratulations us: it's our 50th post. i hope you like what we've been up to so far. celebrate by following us on twitter or joining our fan page. the more fans we have and the more people following us, the more we'll post. so there's that too.


Monday, March 15, 2010


Monday, March 15, 2010

kavinsky just rolled out a new single ep "nightcall" co-produced by guy-manuel de homem christo (1/2 of daft punk). still has the same feel as the tracks on his last EP "1986," but with the dpunk touch. solid work as usual. no download available for the single. you can only preview on soundcloud. preorder the single on itunes.

oh hey and check out this awesome remix of the track by breakbot. bringing on the smooth with that disco brass. this guy can't go wrong! there is a better quality version of this track on the ep, hook it up!


Thursday, March 11, 2010


Thursday, March 11, 2010

old news: this has been floating around for a while. i've been listening to the gorillaz for 9 years and i'm convinced that damon albarn (also from the good, the bad & the queen and blur) is a motherfucking genius. the gorillaz new album, "plastic beach" (buy) is just as good as the first two albums (and d-sides). the first time i heard the single "stylo," i thought the track was written twenty years ago and PRODUCED today. it's amazing.

then i found the alex metric remix on hypem. i usually love his stuff too, and i have to say he's really developed his sound. the heavy is giving way to the funky. the original and the remix are totally different tracks and both totally ballin. rarely is there a remix on the same level as the original AND vice versa. download the remix, buy the original, watch the music video (with all american bruce willis) below.

BONUS, an old favorite: Alex Metric Mix 2008 (via Livemix)
this mix was the ultimate power up in my college apartment for a solid six months

Siriusmo - Girls rock - Exploited
Justice - New Jack - Ed Banger
Alex Gopher - Aurora (Riot In Belgium Mix) - Go 4 Music
Autokratz - it?s on - Kitsune
The Rapture - The Devil (alex Metric Bootleg) - CDR
Alex Metric - In your Machine - Marine Parade
Sharam Jey - Message2love (Alex Metric Mix) - King Kong
Infadel DJ?s - Stress thriller bootleg - CDR
Black Daniel - Gimme What You Got (Alex Metric Mix) - Pices of eight
Blende - Peaches - CDR
Shiny Toy Guns - The One (Adam Freeland Mix) - Mercury
Splittr - All Alone (Alex Metric Mix) - Eye Industries
Alex Metric - Pins - Marine Parade
DJ Dlg - Paramount (Rogerseventytwo mix) (Re edit)


Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

breakbot has been slamming out some AMAZING remixes. he's done stuff for metronomy, pacific!, PNAU, van she and royksopp (to name a few). his original tracks are great too. this guy is signed with ed banger and is on the forefront of chillin. his work could be the future of smooth french touch and when he does a remix for air - it's almost too much.

BONUS: Breakbot's Valentine Mix (via DISCOPUNK)
one of the best mixes so far in 2010 - short and sweet @ half an hour.

check out his single "baby i'm yours (featuring Irfane)" on itunes.


according to LA police, corey haim died of a possible drug overdose this morning. in tribute, i've posted a track from one of my favorite corey movies: the lost boys. track is by tim cappello, who is famous for portraying "buff sax" in lost boys and for playing on tour with tina turner, ringo starr and peter gabriel.


Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Tuesday, March 9, 2010
large hiatus because i still want to pump out new stuff that i know you'll like, but sometimes, time isn't on my side. that's what it is, man.

we've redesigned the blog. i think it's pretty rad. the design is by a small start-up company called aesDes. they're still designing they're own web page, and there's still some finishing touches for my page, but i wanted to show you what's been going on. come check it out if you're looking at the page with a reader.

i love bass lines. they're the foundation of french house. i remember about five years ago, i was given a mix cd called "french disco" and it changed my life. i had been listening to dpunk for years already, but this mix really expanded my horizons. most of the cd was tracks from the upper cuts, which is a compilation of french house tracks by alan braxe, fred falke, stardust, and the paradise. there was also some dj falcon and together tracks on the mix. from then on, i've always been looking for more of that PERFECT french house bass line. something that's on par with intro. every once and a while there's one that really gets close. gloves (aka G.L.O.V.E.S) sounds really promising - his remix of sneaky sound system's "when we were young" has been blowing up my speakers for what seems likes years. last week, i stumbled upon his remix of golden bug's "last dance in tokyo" and got PUMPED (the original is pretty solid too).

this is the stuff dreams are made of: