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Friday, November 20, 2009


Friday, November 20, 2009

welcome back.

after what feels like a long time since they've been in the studio, the young punx are back with a wonderful two track EP that features two singles "simple pleasures" and "like dat." both tracks are to be on their upcoming LP, "mashpop & punkstep." as i've said before, the young punx are extremely versatile, check out their new LP's name. even their press release calls them "un-genrefiable." these tracks are no different - but they're extremely different from each other - sounding like they're from two different bangin' artists. really though, unbelievable stuff - esp. the count bass d track

enough from me

The Young Punx - Like Dat (feat Count Bass D)

my favorite of the two tracks: lo-fi hip hop at its best. unlike any other track i've heard in recent memory. the signature young punx THRASHING guitar sounds great. check it.

The Young Punx - Simple Pleasures
electro-punk + acid house + dubstep = mash-pop & punkstep? check 1:15. crazy!

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