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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Loverboy - Turn Me Loose
I gotta do it my way or no way at all.

Grafton Primary - I Can Cook (YCSAh rehost)
miami horror did a great remix of this track last year (two years ago?) - didn't know the original was so good. heavy synth. nice. definitely check out their ep "relativity." their lp, "eons" isn't as hard-hitting, but give it a listen at their myspace.

Passion Pit - Sleepyhead (Kids at the Bar Remix) (via Disco Workout)
another remix of sleepyhead. the perfect remix? expect more from kids at the bar. after listening to a bunch of their remixes - they are heavy, a bit choppier than i usually like, but ABSOLUTELY worth the patience. check out their remix of one of my favorite tracks of 2008 "walking on a dream" (via PHASE02). The workout put together several of their tracks into one post - listen to all of them, but maybe wait until later in the day...

Rockwell - Somebody's Watching Me (feat. Michael Jackson) (via djnodj)
this song has been stuck in my head for the last couple of days - rockwell & MJ were making music in 1984 that sounds eerily like what musicians are making 25 years later. why? because it's still awesome. listen to the synth solo. it is HARDCORE. also: vocoder? yes please.

Maethelvin - Time Travel Mix (via Valerie)
valerie puts out great stuff all the time (for free). a lot of mixes over there. the collective sound is always consistent, in a good way. never heavy - always smooth. very eighties. if you like college's mixes (the band not the educational institution), you'll like this.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

fluorescent lights are all i have in here.

Cobra Dukes - Leave The Light On (Knightlife Remix) (YCSAh rehost)
I've had this one for a while - it just popped up in my shuffle and thought it should get pushed a little bit. knightlife is really good, pretty versatile in their remixxxes, but always solid. Sometimes funky, w/ disco bass, sometimes giving that industrial electronica sound. This one is a bit harder, kind of guns n' bombs-y but with the motivation that comes from classixx.

Classixx feat. Jeppe – I’ll Get You (via Trials & Tribulations)
Ok this shit is pretty sweet - Jeppe is one of the dudes from Junior Senior so... and the Classixx we know and love. It's kind of pop electronica, but I'm into it. Has some good drops.

Low Motion Disco - Love Love Love (Aeroplane remix) (via Regnsky Feed)
Imagine if Studio worked on "Make Love" and Fred Falke came in to play a bit on the keys, but they kept it smooth throughout. Aeroplane is always pretty tight - definitely worth a listen and check out anything of theirs on hypem. Just gave some of their original stuff a listen - don't know how I feel yet... let it grow and I'll let you know how it goes.

Bottin - No Static (via 8106)
If you're interested in going back in time (or feeling like it)... Don't know anything about this track other than I've had it since March and it's contemporary Italo-Disco. Just gave it a re-listen and like it better than initially thought. A lot of music in this sub-genre (which I know little about) is pretty heavy on the synth and pretty light on the vocals. I like this track because it feels like it could be used for both a Bill Murray 80s montage or a Timothy Dalton 007. You'll see what I mean. Pretty smooth. Wouldn't be surprised to see this interact in some way with Valerie in the future.

Passion Pit - Sleepyhead (Wallpaper. Dio Remix) (via Finger on the Pulse)
Passion Pit is always good kind of like if Cut Copy and The Rapture worked together and it wasn't exactly what you expected (which would be good anyway). Wallpaper does some interesting stuff with reed instruments for their remixes (and synths) and it might be MIDI, but... check it out, ok.

Air France - Roof Top Music
(via MusicVictim)
Best mix of early summer so far. Great selection of old and new (and it isn't just electronica). Definitely worth several listens and very appropriately titled - good for late night summer BBQs.

PS: Last track is the original song used as a sample in the avalanches' "since i left you"